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M12 & M18 Bluetooth Speaker Packout Adapter

M12 & M18 Bluetooth Speaker Packout Adapter

SKU: DP201

This Dan Wargo Inspired Mount is designed to convert your M12 & M18 Bluetooth Speaker into a Packout Compatible Speaker.

Fits Milwaukee 2891-20

With 4 Feet on the Bottom of the Mount, it provides Maximum Stability on the box, as well as a workbench or countertop.


The Base uses existing holes in the speaker, and also provides a quick install with no dissassembly aside from swapping 4 screws. These allow the manufacturers warranty to remain in place.


To remove existing screws in the speaker, use a 2.5 MM Hex Head Driver or Wrench

Replacement screws use a T15 Security Torx Bit

Please see video for installation procedure.

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