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Packout Drawer - M18 Multi-Tool Fuel Insert

Packout Drawer - M18 Multi-Tool Fuel Insert

SKU: JOH-84422

This is a custom insert designed by Jonah Pope Design fit your Milwaukee Packout Drawers to store your M18 Multi-Tool (Fuel). It specifically fits the Milwaukee 2 & 3 Drawer units (48-22-8443 & 48-22-8442).

Jonah's "Slimline" Packout Drawer system is dedicated to storing the slimmer Milwaukee M12 and M18 tools. Drawer inserts for wider tools like the M12 Pin Nailer require half the drawer. Whereas more compact tools like the M18 Multi-Tool can fit in a much smaller footprint. With these 2 systems, you can truly maximise every part of your drawers!

This extra system works in addition to Jonah's larger Drawer inserts that support those wider tools which require half the drawer. Each new tool insert designed for the "Slimline" range will have 3 custom file variations included to accommodate your insert on either the left, middle or right section of the drawers.

Sold in Black, other Colors Available by request.

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