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Packout M12 Stubby Impact 3/8 Insert

Packout M12 Stubby Impact 3/8 Insert

SKU: JOH-843520

This is a custom insert that I (Jonah Pope) have designed to fit your Milwaukee Packout to store your M12 Stubby Impact (3/8) plus the FULL 43 Piece Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Socket Set . It specifically fits the Milwaukee 48228435 PACKOUT Compact Organiser.

The specific tool this is designed for is model 2554-20

Insert will be printed in Black with White Labels. If you would like a different color, please specify at checkout.

And the specific Socket set it accommodates is the "43PC SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ 3/8" Drive SAE & Metric Deep 6 Point Socket Set."

Features - Super Flexible Design

Multi Layered Storage - Zero wasted space, I designed an entire custom storage area under the Standard sockets. The Standard Sockets all sit in a custom tray that you can lift out to access the space below. This huge storage space is perfect for your extensions and other extra kit and runs the full length of the Packout!

Rubber Boot Support - Two dedicated file sets are included! 

Standard - Custom sized for those not using the protective boot.

Rubber Boot - Custom designed with a larger opening to accommodate the use of the rubber boot. You can store the tool without the boot in this insert as well, it may just move around a little as it has extra space meant for the boot.  

Secure Sockets - Designed so the sockets sit right near the underside of the lid. You could flip the box upside down and the sockets will remain in their slots!

Labels - Comprehensive labels are included for your sockets. Labels indicating size are in the bottom of every socket slot AND included on top. 

Battery Compatibility- We will offer the insert that accepts the largest battery, to allow you room no matter what size battery you take to work.

 Belt Hook - You can store your tool with the belt hook installed on either side, I've designed the insert to accommodate both in the single design.

Tray Lifting Handles - I've incorporated two options to help with lifting out the tray that holds the Standard Sockets.

Access Holes - Finger holes are included under the 19mm and 3/4" sockets. Simply lift out one or both of those and you'll be able to use your finger to lift the tray out.

Side Handle - If you have your tool out of the insert, there is a recessed area near where the belt hook would usually be. This gives an easy grip to lift it up and out.

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